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Books on Local and Sustainable Food (NOFA – NY)
The Connection Between Creativity and Entrepreneurship (The Atlantic 8/14/12)
Why The Future Of Capitalism Is Homegrown, Small Scale, And Independent (Fast Company)
Local Economies for a Global Future (YES! Magazine 1/19/12)
Don’t Mock the Artisanal-Pickle Makers (NY Times 2/15/12)
“Locavesting”: Investing in Main Street Instead of Wall Street(Fast Company)
U.S. Counties with thriving small businesses have healthier residents  (Science Daily 2/2/12)

Plaid Mob 
“Cash mobs” intent on helping local businesses – Fox 31 Denver
Mob Mentality – Colorado Springs Independent

Plaid Friday 2011 (Coloradoan coverage)
Plaid Friday: an effort to keep shoppers in Fort Collins – Nov 15, 2011
Let’s think plaid this year with Trimble Court, local shops – Nov 18, 2011
Support community: Shop local  by Hill Grimmett, Be Local’s ED – Nov 21, 2011
Plaid pays off for Fort Collins retailers – Nov 29, 2011


“Cash mobs” intent on helping local businesses - February 2012 Plaid Mob coverage from Fox 31 Denver
Just Label It: We Have a Right to Know  – on labelling for genetically engineered foods
COMING HOME: E.F. Schumacher & the Reinvention of the Local Economy
Trailer for Urban Roots: Documentary on urban farming in Detroit
Independent We Stand – “Small Businesses Support Their Communities”
Bellingham, Washington – Local Living Economy (by Journey of Action)
The Harvest (La Cosecha) – Trailer – a movie about child migrant farmworkers in the States


BALLE – Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (national organization)
AMIBA – American Independent Business Alliance (national organization)
Institute for Local Self Reliance (ILSR)
Independent We Stand – Buy Local, Shop Indie, Go Local
Journey of Action – an organization highlighting local change-makers across the United States and Latin America

City of Fort Collins

“Uniquely Fort Collins” update
Chamber of Commerce
Downtown Business Association
Visit Fort Collins
The Coloradoan newspaper