Recode DNA For Wealth Review And Over The Top Bonus


Recode DNA for Wealth is  the new product from Dawn Clark.

This course if based on years of research after a near death experience from Dawn Clark.

If you’re searching to see if this is for you, here’s an indepth review and inside tour of the new Recode DNA for Wealth system

The BeLocal Over the Top Bonus Package worth $1999.00

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Evil Traffic Getting Techniques

My friend Ben Adkins is releasing a new course called the Evil Traffic Magician and as someone that’s created products, sold software and trainings – there’s always something new and cutting edge that I’m working on or testing.

And that’s what this course is all about.

Releasing some of the most unorthodox methods for getting traffic to build and grow your business.

Some of the people I know that are involved in this training include: Ron Douglas (Mr. $5 Dollar Posts, Ryan Mckinney of Scale Social, Derek Pierce (hey that’s me), Matt Schmitt of Physical Product System among many others.

So check out the official review and bonus page here.

Physical Product System Review and Bonus Package

Product: Physical Product System


Product Creator: Matt Schmitt



HowMatt Went From Zero to $200,000 in 60 Days with Ecommerce

So much today is being said about ecommerce, but Matt is the real deal and will show you how you can start selling physical products and start making money right away.

Let’s face it – how many people can say they they went from 0 to $200,000 in under 2 months.

But the proof is in the pudding, see what I mean here –>

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Complete Scale Social Review And Bonus Package

scalesocial-product-coversRyan Mckinney is back teaming up with Joshua Zamora for Scale Social on November 4th at 11am EST

Product Name: Scale Social

What is it?  Web based application

What does it do?  It gets you views and social interaction to your Youtube Videos to improve your search results in Google and Youtube.

The Verdict: Thumbs Up!  Great Product.

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Or read my review below with my inside tour of the product as well as check out my bonus package for investing in the product.

What is Scale Social and How Does It Help Me?

The last several years, Google and Youtube have placed more emphasis on user engagement and Watch Times with videos.

For example, let’s say Google is sending you traffic to your video, then they want to see that traffic is getting real interaction, engagement and helps the overall experience of the end user.

Again, it’s all about the end user and the experience.

This is where Scale Social comes into play.

It’s an exchange of REAL users that uses a credit based system that you can use to get views, and social engagement.

And in turn, this will help your videos rank in both Youtube and Google.

The cool thing is you can dictate how many minutes you want someone to watch your video before they earn their credits.

See it in action here –

Super, Simple to Use Interface

Take a look at how easy this is to use with the interface.




The credits can be earned as this is an exchange of other members or purchased.

The bottom line is, the views are conducted by real people and not bots.

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Now What About Your Exclusive Scale Social Bonus Package?

I’ve put together quiet simply the best bonus package on the planet for anyone that takes action on this offer – and it’s completely exclusive.  In other words, this isn’t some PLR shit and isn’t something you’ll find anywhere else.

Here’s what you’ll get when you order through my link on this page.

Bonus # 1: Tube Marketing System

This is a complete video course that shows you how to not only rank with Google and Youtube, more importantly you’ll see how to monetize this traffic.

These are the top most visited sites in the world and I’ll show you what you need to get the most from your new rankings.

Bonus # 2: The $66,000.00 Youtube Case Study Training

In this webinar training, you’ll see exactly how one Youtube video scored $66K in sales for one of the more popular product launches.

Bonus # 3: 7 Steps For Turning Any Business Around

In this training, you’ll see the 7 steps for turning any business around whether it be online of an offline business.

This is the same process I used that took over a failing, local business that was bouncing payroll checks and 3 weeks away from being evicted into a thriving, cash cow in 90 days.

And I did it all with No Money Out Of Pocket.

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