Connect Leads Review And Bonus

Connect Leads Review and BonusProduct: Connect Leads

Launch Date: 11/4/2015

This new product from Wilco is truly a game changer.


Well, many of you are probably familiar with the recent addition of Facebook Leads which allows you to collect emails right from within Facebook’s dashboard.

There’s a big problem with this and that’s the fact that Facebook prevents you from integrating with your autoresponder service.

That’s where Connect Leads service comes into play.

This will allow you to capture leads right from Facebook while they’re added to your autoresponder service.

Connect Leads Review and Demo Video

This will be added once the launch gets a little closer.

Connect Leads Bonus Package

We’ve got an outstanding bonus for anyone that purchases Connect Leads through our link on this page.

Simply order, and then send a support ticket with your receipt number and we’ll get you squared away within 24 hours.

Scarcity Hero Review And Bonus Package

Scarcity Hero Review Belocal Marketing

Product Name: Scarcity Hero

Launch date: 11/30/2015

The Rundown – What’s In It For You?

Scarcity Hero is a WordPress plugin that will add countdown timers on your sales pages and affiliate pages to increase scarcity to boost your conversions.

You can set real timed deadlines or evergreen timed deadlines and even integrate it with your autoresponder service.

We’ll have a full demo real soon

Scarcity Hero Bonus Offer

When you invest in Scarcity Hero through our links here on this page, you’ll receive our bonus package that will help you take your business to the next level and compliment your purchase.

Bonus # 1

Bonus # 2

Bonus # 3

Recode DNA For Wealth Review And Over The Top Bonus


Recode DNA for Wealth is  the new product from Dawn Clark.

This course if based on years of research after a near death experience from Dawn Clark.

If you’re searching to see if this is for you, here’s an indepth review and inside tour of the new Recode DNA for Wealth system

The BeLocal Over the Top Bonus Package worth $1999.00

Bonus # 1

Bonus # 2

Bonus # 3

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Evil Traffic Getting Techniques

My friend Ben Adkins is releasing a new course called the Evil Traffic Magician and as someone that’s created products, sold software and trainings – there’s always something new and cutting edge that I’m working on or testing.

And that’s what this course is all about.

Releasing some of the most unorthodox methods for getting traffic to build and grow your business.

Some of the people I know that are involved in this training include: Ron Douglas (Mr. $5 Dollar Posts, Ryan Mckinney of Scale Social, Derek Pierce (hey that’s me), Matt Schmitt of Physical Product System among many others.

So check out the official review and bonus page here.